Los Angeles-based electro-pop duo Moxi (Anna Nelson and Andy Toy) released their single “Save Me” just a week ago, and now they’re sharing a live video to supplement the auditory bliss. As you can hear below, Toy’s keys set the moody backdrop for the song while Nelson’s warm vocals guide listeners on an intoxicating journey in search of salvation from the torment of the unknown.

The single, the video, and the upcoming shows listed below all come in anticipation of the release of Moxi’s upcoming EP, Through The Dark, out this fall via CatBeach Music. To say that Moxi has potential is a gross understatement, and I can’t wait to see how the new EP helps the band grow!

Moxi Tour Dates:

08/14 – Fifty Seven – Los Angeles, CA
09/06 – Hotel Cafe – Hollywood, CA

For more information: