Oh, now this is interesting. R&B songstress Kelela and Chicago rapper/singer Tink have teamed up for this heater as a part of Yours Truly and Adidas OrignalsSongs From Scratch series. “Want It” is a tale of lust overpowering fidelity and caution wrapped in an enchanting beat.

DJ Dahi is the producer, which is impressive considering my first assumption would’ve been Timbaland. I get that a lot of producers look to that early-2000s-era Missy Elliot sound as an influence (which is great), but this track specifically captures the attitude of that era in new trappings. It’s a little exotic. The production bumps with a dark, tribal rhythm, while Kelela’s voice floats along its crests and dips. Tink’s interlude is a welcome change of pace. I prefer her R&B, but she can rap.

The song is a tale of willful and reckless infidelity. I mean, you could dive into the moral implications of seducing someone while their significant other is in the room…but that’s boring and also not the point. The point is that being capable of such a a thing is hot regardless. Steamy track. Check it out and watch the behind the scenes video below.

Kelela x Tink x DJ Dahi – Songs from Scratch from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

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