Having been so into pop punk created by 17-year-old kids when I was younger is starting to pay off as many of the bands that were previously releasing innocent and idealized four-chord punk music while sporting Dickies and Fenix TX shirts (pretty much just described my high school self) have matured and brought their songwriting to a modern standpoint.

If you ever heard of The Starting Line, you might recognize the vocals of Kenny Vasoli. His voice has that perfect combination of carelessness and hopelessness that makes any listener with a dream connect to it, but since his early days releasing pop-punk music, Vasoli has grown as a musician and songwriter.

Vacationer Relief

Vasoli’s latest project, Vacationer, mixes electronic elements with clean and bright instrumentation that almost requires a cold drink for listening. The band’s Wiki page describes them as “Nu-Hula,” which is hilarious and surprisingly accurate.

The group’s track “The Wild Life” is about the desire to move on and experience the world. It’s a perfect tune for those experiencing summer-induced wanderlust. Check out the video for “The Wild Life” below, and be sure to give Vacationer’s latest album, Relief, a listen today!

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