You just finished watching the most epic live musical performance you have ever seen! How will you commemorate this fantastic experience and grab a one-of-a-kind souvenir at no cost to you? You need to hustle and get your hands on the set list.

Now, rather than pushing your way to the front and screaming at the band like a fan girl, I offer you three simple suggestions that may help you acquire this desirable sheet of paper with far less effort and your dignity still intact.

1. Get Creative
Everyone immediately hounds the stage crew for a set list following a performance, but don’t forget they can be found elsewhere. The better strategy is to stop by the sound booth where a handful of lists are readily donated by the audio visual team.

Set Lists by Janelle Miranda
Set List Photos by Janelle Miranda

2. Call Dibs
A shouting match is never a promising way of being rewarded with a set list. Save your voice and your energy by simply grabbing a staff member’s attention around the time that the band is leaving the stage for the first time (before the encore) and kindly ask if you can have the list when they are finished with it. If you have timed this correctly, you will have been the first person to have asked and the person who very easily ends up with this priceless memento.


3. Be Kind
Do not upset the concert gods by acting rude or entitled. You are a fan in a crowd full of fans. No one cares if you know the lead singer’s middle name or you have their song lyrics tattooed on your face. The worst karma belongs to those who are bold enough to snatch a set list away from another fan once it is already in their possession. You wouldn’t want this to happen to you.

Set List Jason Mraz

So you didn’t get the set list this time? Next best option: ask the lucky fan who did if you can snap a photo. This will make them feel super cool and save space on your bedroom wall. Your Instagram and Twitter followers will never know the difference. Plus, what better way to meet a new friend who obviously loves the same type of music!