From Kickstarter to PledgeMusic to IndieGoGo, today’s musicians have no shortage of platforms for hosting crowdfunding campaigns. But how can someone who’s more used to rocking out than raising funds be sure they’re getting the most out of their online campaign? That’s where Launch and Release comes into play.

Praised by PledgeMusic CEO Benji Rogers as “what the future of the business of making music looks like,” Launch and Release aims to lower the failure rate of music crowdfunding campaigns through their informative blog and crowdfunding training system, “The Music Crowdfunding Course for Intelligent Artists.”

This course, which teaches musicians how to best use crowdsourcing to fund albums and projects, is centered around six music crowdfunding blueprints.


Visit iQ by Intel to find out what those blueprints are and learn more helpful crowdfunding tips in my interview with Launch and Release co-founder Ian Anderson!

This is another is a series of articles written by LAmb co-founder Kristin Houser in conjunction with the iQ by Intel series to explore the link between technology and music.