After joining forces to co-found LA’s Body High record label, the duo of Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy must have realized their pairing was a good thing because they then began collaborating musically under the name DJ Dodger Stadium. Just this week they dropped a new experimental house album, Friend of Mine, and tomorrow night they’ll celebrate its release with a party at The Echo.


Overall, the album emphasizes atmospherics and experimentalism with repeating hypnotic vocals and vibe-y house beats. “Love Songs,” Friend of Mine’s featured track, is a perfect example with its repeating lyrics, “Lately I’ve been singing love songs by myself.” These vocals are placed on top of a tune that sounds like it could’ve soundtracked a ’90s video game and a beat that is ready to transition into a faster BPM at any given moment.

Be sure to pick up your tickets to the show at The Echo now so you can drop by and dance with DJ Dodger Stadium tomorrow night!

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