GRAMMY-winning UK singer-songwriter Imogen Heap will finally release her fourth studio album, Sparks, on August 19th. This album has been in the making since March of 2011 when Heap hosted a livestreaming session during which she gathered inspiration and sounds from her fans. The song that she created from that night (titled “Lifeline”) marked the beginning of a journey of creation that Imogen is finally ready complete.


While working on Sparks, Heap turned songs into projects and projects into songs to bring her out of her studio and “let life in” rather than postponing things until her album was done. An interactive album cover featuring the footprints of fans worldwide also just premiered via The Creators Project, a partnership between Intel and VICE. 

Imogen just released the Sparks single “Run-Time” via her SoundCloud page. Listen to it below:

Imogen has a few tour dates scheduled in August, but the rest of the tour is slightly delayed to May 2015 as Imogen will become a mother come November! The physical album is currently available for pre-order.

Sparks Tracklisting:

01. “You Know Where to Find Me”
02. “Entanglement”
03. “The Listening Chair”
04. “Cycle Song”
05. “Telemiscommunications”
06. “Lifeline”
07. “Neglected Space”
08. “Minds Without Fear”
09. “Me The Machine”
10. “Run-Time”
11. “Climb To Sakteng”
12. “The Beast”
13. “Xizi She Knows”
14. “Propeller Seeds”

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