What started with a small group of 125 friends in 2004 has now grown into the world’s largest full-ship dance music cruise experience with charters annually from Miami and LA. It’s the Groove Cruise!

With more than 50 artists, 10 unique party experiences (both on and off the ship), private island beach parties, sunrise DJ sets, and more than 2,700 attendees from all corners of the globe, this 96-hour nonstop dance music party is set to sail from LA October 2-5.

Lineup includes locally based artists such as Morgan Page and EC Twins as well as internationally acclaimed producers such as Deniz Koyu and Michael Woods. Check out the full lineup below:


This will be an amazing experience, so I highly recommend reserving your Groove Cruise cabin before they sell out (they’re already at 91% capacity!). As an added bonus, if you use the code “LAMusic,” you’ll get $50 off your booking fee!

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Groove Cruise Los Angeles