In 2013 Four Year Strong fans held their breath as the band took a year-long hiatus after departing from their label, Universal Motown. Thankfully, 2014 heralded a comeback for the band, not only in terms of performing and releasing new music, but also stylistically as they revisted their hardcore roots.

Four Year Strong just released the second single, “Living Proof of a Stubborn Youth,” off their upcoming EP, Go Down In History, and the track is evidence that the EP will be a solid return for this melodic hardcore band.

With 2011’s In Some Way, Shape or Form not being received as well as previous releases, it seems Four Year Strong is dropping the rock-friendly-radio approach and going back to the perfect combination of hardcore breakdowns and rhythms, powerful harmonies, head-banging guitar riffs, and infectious hooks on the new EP.

Go Down In History will be released July 22nd through the band’s new label, Pure Noise Records, home to The Story So Far, Man Overboard, and Handguns, to name just a few. The EP’s debut single, “Tread Lightly,” can be heard below:

I saw Four Year Strong at Warped Tour last month, and they were just as electric and high energy as ever, so my fingers are crossed that after their run on Warped, the band will tour in the fall before going back in the studio to record a full-length. Maybe that’s asking a lot from these rockers, but after hearing these solid new tracks, can’t a girl dream?

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