First things first: Dave All the Rave is a great name for a DJ. Even if his specialty were spinning golden-era jazz classics, I’d think it’s a great name. He doesn’t, though, and his music lives up to his spectacular title. Dave makes rave music. That’s…pretty much it. Fortunately, he’s good at it.

I might be viewing him through rose-tinted glasses due to my nostalgia for the upswing of EDM, but I particularly like Dave All The Rave’s song “Cassanova.” It’s the rolling sub-bass and that white noise that makes me think of Strobelite Seduction-era Kaskade. Which, honestly, is a great thing to be reminded of.

Dave All The Rave’s other productions are pretty EDM-y, too, but even those are entertaining without being blatant rollercoaster music. There are lots of drops, yes, but they come in waves. This versatile new guy delivers some great transitions and good vibes. Check him out.

Bonus: He also put together an A-Trak vs. Space Jam mashup. The mix is a fairly low-quality bootleg, but I support the spirit of this in full. We could all use a little bit more Space Jam in our lives.

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