The Swedish sisters of First Aid Kit have a natural chemistry that is unmatched by most bands. Their vocal power and precision is just ridiculous, and beyond their raw talent lies their near-perfect songwriting ability. Pulling from a collection of influences, including country, folk, and occasionally rock, their sound is simple yet full and clean. I saw them at El Rey a few weeks ago and still think about how amazing they were. They are just perfect live.

First Aid Kit became one of my favorite bands after I heard their song “Emmylou,” and making this list of their five best songs was no easy task. I could include so many more tracks on this list, but here are five that will get you into one of the best young touring bands around.

5. “The Lion’s Roar”
This song kicks off First Aid Kit’s second album and gives you a good idea of their general sound. It has a drive to it and probably rocks a bit more than the rest of the album, but it’s a solid representation of how they are live. It’s a fun song with brilliant lyrics that tell a fable-like tale. The title track of the album, “The Lion’s Roar” is a good jumping-off point for any first-time listener.

4. “My Silver Lining”
Another opening track, “My Silver Lining” kicks off First Aid Kit’s latest record, Stay Gold. It also happens to be their first single from the critically acclaimed album. While it definitely fits the “pop format,” the song also still very much represents First Aid Kit’s unique sound.

3. “The Waitress Song” 
Also from Stay Gold, “The Waitress Song” is a perfect song for dreamers. It tackles the concept of leaving everything behind and recreating yourself. A simple format and wandering melody steer the track, and it’s another beautiful song from this great pair. Enjoy this acoustic version they performed for Live on Soundcheck.

2. “Ghost Town”
If you have seen First Aid Kit live in a non-festival setting, you have probably witnessed them performing “Ghost Town” in a stunning fashion, stepping away from the microphones and unplugging the guitars to let their raw talent do all the talking. This song cannot really be fully understood unless you see it performed in person, but here is a more intimate version in a black cab.

1. “Emmylou”
This song is just perfect. The duo’s tribute to their favorite country singers is the song that really broke them out and got them the attention they deserved as singers and songwriters. If you don’t know First Aid Kit, catch up! They are one of the best bands around and aren’t slowing down any time soon.

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