Fresh off the heels of a soon-to-be-reviewed Video Games Live (spoiler alert: it was awesome), I’ve been on a video game soundtrack binge. Although the non-initiated whose only exposure to video games is Dance Central may turn up their noses and scoff at the idea of listening to video game music, the truth is there are quite a lot of video game composers who devote themselves to creating memorable and compelling pieces.  

From the world-music influences of Chrono Cross to the metal riffs of Guilty Gear XX, here are some of my favorites video game songs.  Post yours in the comments!

The Best Video Game Music Tracklist:

01. Chrono Cross – “Scars of Time”
02. Civilization 4 – “Baba Yetu”
03. Jet Set Radio – “Everybody Jump Around”
04. Megaman X3 – “Zero”
04. Final Fantasy X – “The Sending”
06. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R – “Suck A Sage”
07. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker – “Ocean’s Theme”
08. Bastion – “Setting Sail, Coming Home”
09. Gears of War – “Gears of War”
10. Chrono Trigger – “Corridors of Time”  
11. Bust A Groove – “Chemical Love”
12. Uncharted 2 – “Nate’s Theme 2.0”
13. Dragon Age: Origins – “Leliana’s Song”
14. Katamari Damacy – “Lonely Rolling Star”
15. Portal – “Still Alive”
16. Final Fantasy VI – “Awakening”
17. Tetris – “Tetris Theme”