After breaking out with seminal indie band Broken Social Scene, co-founder Kevin Drew released his second solo album in March of this year. Filled with catchy hooks and unique phrasing, Darlings is an intriguing album reminiscent of an upbeat U2 record, and its driving rhythms and provocative lyrics will make you think as much as they will make you dance.

With that said, Kevin Drew’s latest video from the album, for the track “You In Your Were,” premiered on Funny or Die recently and pokes fun at his own writing. The song itself features Feist, also a solo artist originating from Broken Social Scene, and her always amazing vocals are the perfect complement to Drew’s voice. She also appears in the video alongside a confused Zach Galifianakis, who is trying to understand the meaning of the song’s title and direct a group of dancers through the video’s dance sequence.

It’s a great video and a great song, so check it out!

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