When I arrived at the intimate Bootleg Bar Thursday night, the venue was buzzing with excitement. The growing crowd was eagerly awaiting SomeKindaWonderful, the much-buzzed-about band that landed hard on the charts with their burning breakup song “Reverse.”

Shortly after my arrival, frontman Jordy Towers sauntered onstage dressed head to toe in black, the epitome of a confident rock star ready to rock the audience. With an aggressively raw voice perfectly suited for the soulful rock SomeKindaWonderful has crafted, Towers’ soaring vocals blew the audience away from start to finish.

The show previewed SomeKindaWonderful’s self-titled debut album, due out June 24th. From the high-energy, R&B-influenced “Cornbread” to the playful call-and-response track “Police,” the group revealed that they have several electrifying rock songs up their sleeves, while Towers left it all on the Bootleg’s stage as he bared his heart for the tortured love songs “Honeymoon” and “Hard For Days.”

Each band member performed with a theatrical flair, particularly Sarah Dyer as she complemented each song with haunting, velvety vocals; saluted the audience with drumsticks while playing the floor toms; and body rolled during instrumental breaks. Drummer Ben Schigel’s galloping drumbeats provided the percussive backbone to each wildly different song, and guitarist Matt Gibson worked overtime, adjusting his pedals to fit everything from the Western-themed “Devilish Man” to the folk-influenced “Burn.”

somekindawonderful 2

Towers had previously lived in Los Angeles, and after leaving temporarily to surreptitiously form SomeKindaWonderful in the Midwest, he has returned with a vengeance. He beamed at the crowd during the show, saying “I fucking love you guys. There’s nothing like being on stage and having people be engaged in what you’re doing. I’ve been waiting my whole life to feel like this…it feels good to be home.”

As the group launched into a soulful rock cover of our unofficial state anthem, “California Love,” I knew I was watching a band on the edge of something truly great. With an electrifying stage presence, a unique blend of genres influencing their eclectic tracks, and a passion driving each song into powerfully mesmerizing territories, SomeKindaWonderful is about to explode onto the national scene.


SomeKindaWonderful will return to Los Angeles on June 26th for another performance at the Bootleg Bar and again on July 1st at the Sayers Club. I’ll be there, rocking along. Won’t you join me?

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