“We need more people like you dancing!”

That’s what the dude with a camera on a stick told me anyway before he wedged past me and moved off into the crowd. I didn’t think much of what he said initially, as I was immediately drowned by a fog machine, but that stuck with me for a while afterwards. At that point it was nearly 12 o’ clock and the club was full up. People were dancing, talking, drinking, talking, dancing… Just another night at Sound Nightclub.

This particular evening was Night Bass, the weekly club night held by Dim Mak. “Oh no, Marcus! Don’t tell me that Sound has been blitzkreiged by Dim Mak’s big-room electro steam roller!” A fair concern, but unfounded nonetheless. The event is organized by AC Slater, Dim Mak’s heavyweight “bass” genre producer. Night Bass is a extension of that vibe. The rolling low-frequencies, snappy snares, and punchy synths and pads were out in full force with the production that night. You like the sound of nineties house music? Oh man, then Night Bass is right up your alley.

The DJs were great. Royal-T was the most interesting. He was the headliner, so I suppose that should’ve been expected, but he proved more versatile than I anticipated given how house-y the rest of the night was. He mixed in grime and some drum ‘n bass and some more atypical stuff into his mix. It was good and a welcome break from the non-stop thump of bass music. Meech and Bones were openers. They set the tone with a garage/2-step vibe. Closing out the night were AC Slater and Bart B More going back-to-back. Unfortunately, I missed some of that. Something about having a job in the morning persuaded me to leave before 2am.

Ultimately, this is my recommendation for people heading out to this club anytime in the near future: get there early. Look, I know that sounds like a plea to get you in the door quickly, but this is actually just advice for people who really want to dance. At peak hours, you get typical nightclub congestion, which can be frustrating. It really feels the best through the opener and during the late acts.

Night Bass is weekly, so you can rely on it every Thursday as long as the series is running. The next night is July 4th, featuring DJ EZ, Champion, AC Slater, and others.

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