A few weeks back I was invited out on short notice to see MS MR perform a secret show in Hollywood. That’s probably not interesting to you in and of itself unless you’re already a fan (spoiler alert: they’re fucking fantastic), but the venue where the show was held is totally worth mentioning to anyone.

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A lot of clubs in Hollywood are all tied up in the “Hollywood-ness” of their experience. They go big with expansive dancefloors with overpowered sound systems designed to bludgeon the sense out of patrons with an unending assault of kick drums. Don’t get me wrong, I love the big, nightclub thing from time to time, but the Sayers Club is different. It’s like an Eddie Bauer version of the Satellite in Silver Lake. Overstuffed brown leather couches are laid across the rug-topped floor. Candles dance on coffee tables. Attractive people mingle over drinks. I’ve got to give it to them, they’ve certainly made Sayers Club a comfortable place to be.

Stylistically, think of the Edison or Hemmingway’s Lounge, and you’ll get the general idea of what they’re shooting for here. The first area is a bar and restaurant section loaded up with tables and professional-looking young adults in various states of relaxation. Walk through the lobby area, and you enter the back room, which is where they had the stage set up. In this case the stage wasn’t a raised platform or an actual “stage” in any sense of the word (aside from “a place for people to do stuff”). In the same way that the stage was barely a stage, Sayers Club doesn’t really have a “dance floor” either.

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Ah, and MS MR? Well, they had the same impression of the place that I did. “This bar feels like a really big living room,” according to front woman Lizzy Plapinger. It was like having a concert in your living room, which is a little bit ridiculous considering that MS MR isn’t your brother’s shitty garage outfit. Smaller venues can get away with having these really intimate, low-pressure settings. There wasn’t any barrier between the band and the listeners. Lizzy heard every dry-throated shout pleading “I love you!” from the glasses-wearing dude in the back that was definitely, probably, not me.

Later on that night, a DJ came on, and the place basically turned into a night club. A classy nightclub, mind you. It was fine, but I think the real draw is the intimacy you get from their live shows. SomeKindaWonderful will be there on July 1st. Check out Mary Bonney’s review of them at the Bootleg Bar, then pick up tickets to catch them in this even more intimate setting.

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