Set That Should Have Lasted Longer

C: Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls killed it. I had not heard much about the band before, but I am now fully invested. They performed to the whole festival and not just to the decent-sized crowd gathered at their feet. Their set even included an advanced audience participation section with a singing and jumping jack combination (it was less dorky than it sounds). At the end of their set, Mr. Turner ran into the audience and high-fived the entire security team and half of the audience. He also sang like Dave King and performed like it was his last show on Earth.


D: This is a major toss-up between Janelle Monáe and Disclosure. I say Disclosure because they were the one act I wanted to see the most out of the whole festival (having missed them in LA and Chicago on numerous occasions), and when their set started, I was dancing to the point of no return. Their set ended and I knew it was over, but I certainly didn’t want it to be.


The same goes for Janelle Monáe, who set the bar pretty damn high as the first act we saw at the festival. She performed like “The Electric Lady” indeed; she was a headliner, and, personally, I think she deserved to have the time appropriated for a headliner. Her set was detailed and full-on funky, and it didn’t have to stop after only 45 minutes.


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