Band/Artist Most Likely To Have A Good Year

C: Jack White. Jack White. Jack White. I almost feel sorry for the poor individuals who ultimately decided to see Skrillex over Jack White’s set on Saturday night. Not to say that Skrillex is inherently a bad choice, per say. Fans of Skrillex could very well have the same sentiments about my choice to miss out on seeing Moore tear up the stage, but these kinds of arduous decisions shouldn’t be thrust upon us at such a vulnerable time, when fatigue from a full day of baking in the sun trumps better judgment. In any event, Jack White laid out one of the best sets of the weekend.

White’s new album Lazaretto somehow matched and surpassed the greatness of Blunderbuss, and his performance at Governors Ball solidified his rightful title as a rock legend. He brought a unique flair to every song, adding improvisational guitar riffs and erratic tempo changes inspired by his love for the blues. He made the performance unique, and with his bandmates also adding their own personalities to the songs, his set was perfection from beginning to end.

D: I agree that seeing Jack White was like watching a living legend on stage, and he’s probably the obvious choice here, but I’m going to go with AlunaGeorge, whose set took me completely by surprise. I had seen Aluna Francis both at Disclosure’s set for “White Noise” and back at her own in the Gotham Tent, and both times she was owning the stage like there was no tomorrow. Their blend of R&B-driven trip hop on Body Music was even more irresistible live, and I just see them advancing further as the year progresses.


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