Set With The Best Drummer

Christine: This one is tricky because I have a special affection for drummers, ever since my pre-teen encounter with Nirvana’s Nevermind and Dave Grohl’s commanding presence on the album, but there was one drummer at Governors Ball that clearly stood out for his performance and multitasking capabilities: the infallible Darren Weiss from LA’s own PAPA captured the attention and affection of those New Yorkers who trekked to Randall’s Island bright and early at 1:30pm on Saturday.

If tackling lead vocals whilst banging drums doesn’t turn you on, maybe sticking it to the man does. When told they only had two songs worth of time left in their set, Weiss made his grievances known. “I know, this fucking sucks,” he said to the sea disgruntled audience members. Then, after a quick word from the stage manager, Weiss happily announced, “Oh, we have three songs! They can’t control us!” And his beats played on.

David: I can’t vouch for PAPA since I didn’t see them, but I think Jack White’s drummer was “off the chain” (for utter lack of better phrasing). The songs, which spanned all of White’s discography from his multiple bands, were performed excellently by everyone, but his drummer was highly improvisational, making the live experience totally worth seeing.


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