It’s 99 degrees. 3:30 PM. Which is unfortunate, because if it were AM, it wouldn’t be sweltering. Horrible. Still though, how can you really complain. It’s the destination that matters, not the journey. Wait…that’s not how that goes.

It doesn’t matter. What matters is that when you finally get off the 10 freeway, there’s going to be a pool, and shade, and sweet, delicious air conditioning. The thought crosses your mind with every cross wind.

Ah! But the music. You need something smooth. Something…danceable? But mellow. Like the musical equivalent of lean. But not in a bad way. Listening to it shouldn’t make you want to stop breathing. Maybe house? It can turned down and ignored for conversation. Ooh, with a female soul voc…

*HONK* Ugh. For chissakes, use a blinker, man.

You know what. It should be a party. A pool party. It’s the summer time anyway. Might as well pull over, get gas, and do what any sensible person would do and start Googling. Oh! Or soundcloud. Even better.

You stumble across this Ukranian kid’s mixtape. It’s a solid hour of R&B/funk/disco/housey/corny/genre/adjective/whatever. It’s pop. It’s perfect.

Now, the next question is…to Icee, or not to Icee?