No longer is humming along to the soundtrack of your favorite first-person shooter the only way you can enjoy the sweet combination of gaming and music. From immersive concert experiences to interactive music videos to web-wide scavenger hunts, gaming and music are now joining forces in a multitude of creative ways.

For the gamer who can’t help but sing along to their favorite game scores, Video Games Live is a must-attend concert experience.

Launched in 2005, the perpetual tour features music from the most popular video games of all time. Songs are performed live by top orchestras and choirs backed by high-tech light shows, electronic percussionists, synchronized video segments, and more.

In addition to enjoying music from their favorite video games, past and present, in a completely unique setting, attendees also have a chance to be selected to play a video game onstage while the orchestra provides an interactive soundtrack. The best part? The players can even win prizes during the concert!

While Video Games Live brings game music into concert halls, some musicians are moving in the opposite direction and adding gaming elements to their music releases. It’s no surprise that one of the first acts to “gamify” the music experience in this way has been the ever-innovative Arcade Fire.


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This is another is a series of articles written by LAmb co-founder Kristin Houser in conjunction with the iQ by Intel series to explore the link between technology and music.