About a year ago, I went to go see Bernhoft on a whim. I had no idea who this bespectacled Norwegian fellow was aside from the cursory listen I gave before going. “Eh, he has a nice voice,” I thought. Certainly he knew how to play the guitar and write a song, but to me, he came off as a novelty, a product of the American Idol, X Factor, pop-culture fascination with singer-songwriters. There are so many good singers, so many beautiful people in music, that it’s difficult to give a damn sometimes.

Then I actually saw the man live. Yeah… That bullshit, jaded, hipster mentality dissolved pretty much instantly.

Bernhoft is a lot of things, but before all of them, he’s a very talented and creative musicican. His live performance is a one-man-band affair, but you wouldn’t know it just from listening. He live samples his tracks and sings over them to great effect. You can get a taste of that from his Youtube videos.

Honestly, though? Check him out at The Troubadour next week. It’s an intimate venue, which is the best possible stage for his type of performance. That positive energy his music carries is better when it’s being reflected in few hundred like-minded bodies.

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