SomeKindaWonderful is on fire right now. Their track “Reverse” is being played consistently on the local radio, and their self-titled album debuted in the iTunes Alternative Chart Top 10 this week, and get this: it only came out a couple of days ago!

Very recently released or not, SomeKindaWonderful is already garnering more buzz for the band; our staff writer Mary Bonney even wrote a full review of the LP in which where she says that the album will “undoubtedly help SomeKindaWonderful find their place in the rock spotlight nationwide.”

The band is currently on tour and will be performing at The Bootleg Bar tonight, The Constellation Room in Santa Ana on June 28th, and The Sayers Club in LA on July 1. Plenty of dates coming up to catch the band live, but before heading out to one of these LA-area shows, find out what Jordy Towers had to say to LA Music Blog in our interview with the frontman below!

Was the single “Reverse” really written and recorded within the three hours? How did that come to be?

We [Jordy and band members Matt Gibson and Ben Schigel] randomly met at a bar in Ohio one night and connected over music. We went over to Ben’s studio, which was right down the block from the bar, and “Reverse” was the first thing we wrote and recorded together. It was done in about 3 hours!

How does it feel to have artists such as Tomas Barford and Passion Pit remix your single?

Awesome. They are both very talented. I was completely honored that they were down to remix our project.

What sparked the transition through labels? Was that a difficult process?

It’s just natural progression of life. Nothing is difficult or everything is difficult, depending on how you look at it.


Could you tell us about the background of your band name and the story behind the butterfly design?

Yeah, it came to me in a dream one night. I woke up and just heard the word “wonderful,” and SomeKindaWonderful just had a beautiful ring to it. The butterfly represents our rebirth as artists, as a band and as humans. It’s about being in a cocoon stage and then suddenly making your dreams come true and blossoming into a butterfly. It’s a representation of never giving up in life because you think you’re a moth all your life, and suddenly you wake up and you’re a butterfly.

I’ve read about your fascination with reverse storytelling. Can you tell us about that and its connection to your album?

Well, one of my favorite movies is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and in that film they tell a love story backwards. I was thinking, “I could do that with a song and have a big pay off at the end and everything.” The album writing is just a creative extension of what “Reverse” is.

Tell us about the creative process and theme of the album. Do the lyrics or the music come first in your creative process? Were the lyrics on this album primarily inspired by personal stories or imagination?

It varies. Sometimes a word or phrase can spark inspiration. Usually all I need is to be in the room with Matt on guitar and Ben at the control board; that’s all I need to write something. Inspiration is truly the only currency left worth anything.

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