When I visited Hollywood’s historic Avalon nightclub a few weeks ago to see KOAN Sound, I was so blown away by their killer performance and the sheer grandiosity of Avalon that I couldn’t fill nearly as much screen space as I’d have liked talking about their incredible opener, K Theory.

Experienced electronic enthusiasts will agree that the artists playing the club at 11 PM sometimes aren’t exactly big-league material. Honestly, the poor guy’s lucky if the impatient crowd doesn’t start booing and commencing with the “YOU SUCK!”s and the “EAT SHIIIIIT!”s, or at least chanting the name of the headliner in such a way that might hurt his feelings if he were the sensitive type. This was most certainly not the case with K Theory.

The Bay Area trio’s unique electronic hip-hop sounds were almost too fresh for 11 PM; I thought I’d have time to get at least a couple of drinks in before I took up my permanent position on the dance floor. As it were, we had no choice but to get down there early and start the party because K Theory provided an explosive beginning to what would already have amounted to a high-octane evening.

With appearances at Coachella, Beyond Wonderland, Global Dance Festival Red Rocks, Flower Power Festival, and a dizzying number of other big-name engagements under their belt in just the last year, K Theory is poised to put their stank on the electronic/hip-hop/bass communities in a big way. They’re constantly dropping new material on their SoundCloud stream if you like a fresh remix every few days, but if you’re more the long play type, you’ve only got a few scant months before K Theory’s debut studio album, Roller Coasters We Live On, drops in September.


K Theory