If you have even a passing interest in Los Angeles hip hop, the name Cut Chemist will most likely mean something to you. The DJ and producer has been an icon of the original DJ turntable scene for many years, most prominently as one of the founding members of the near legendary Jurassic 5, and his dedication to old-school DJing makes him a near novelty in the age of laptop wizards.

Fortunately, his relevance has not faded, and his willingness to try something new continues to persist. A recent appearance at Amoeba Records saw him experimenting with an entirely new set consisting of old tape and various other “what was that?” bits of awesomeness.

Some of Cut Chemist’s best work has been with the equally iconic DJ Shadow (whose debut album, Endtroducing, remains an utterly unique piece of work). Back in the day on the Brainfreeze and Product Placement tours, they wowed fans with their idiosyncratic approach to DJ sets. Now they are returning for a new nationwide tour, the Renegades Of Rhythm tour.

The twist this time is that they will be using records drawn exclusively from the collection of none other than Afrika Bambaataa. It’s a vinyl nerd’s dream, and an opportunity to see two of the best in the business go at it again. They’ll hit the Hollywood Palladium on October 3rd, and tickets for that are available now. It’s a great chance to see one of LA’s favorite sons do his thing with a Bay Area legend. Don’t miss it.


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