Los Angeles is bursting with some of the best up-and-coming musicians in the country. While you can spend every night of the week seeing top-notch shows, sometimes you discover your next favorite artist in the most unexpected places. Such was the case for me last week during a Lyft ride to — what else? — a concert.

As a funk-infused, poppy song with pure, Michael Jackson-reminiscent vocals came on, I immediately asked my driver Amanda, “Wait, who is this?” The answer was Addison Scott, an up-and-coming LA musician and Long Island native whose R&B vocals and infectious hooks instantly had my attention.


Addison Scott perfectly walks the line of classic R&B, funk, and contemporary pop, and while his soul-influenced vocals are reminiscent of Bruno Mars or Justin Timberlake, Scott cites a different artist’s influence:

“My main inspiration is Jeff Buckley, but you have to see me live to really get that. The songs I’ve released so far have come from my funky, Michael Jackson vibe. I don’t want to pigeonhole myself into funk because I write so differently, but it’s all me. Freddie Mercury and Queen influenced me, too, and I grew up on pop punk, bands like Simple Plan and Good Charlotte.”


Scott’s songwriting process, however, is a bit more streamlined:

“Usually, I pick up my acoustic guitar and write in a stream of consciousness. I’m never the guy who sits down and writes lyrics. I like to write simply and get my point across.”

Scott is premiering his newest single, “Gold,” today, and he explained, “It was one of those songs that came out in ten minutes on my guitar. The song is about the night I met my former girlfriend at Webster Hall in New York…it’s about her being gold and I wanted the world to know.”

After leaving Los Angeles to pursue music in New York, Scott returned to LA last year and is keeping his head above water:

“I think, compared to New York, there are so many artists out here who are fake, but there are so many amazing artists that inspire you and make you work harder, too. You have to channel it in a positive way. I think I used to always compare myself to others, which everyone does in life, so I put that aside a while ago. I have good and bad days, but I can make a living writing music, which was the goal, so I just keep going.”


Scott has big plans to maintain this forward motion. He is working on his debut album with plans to shoot a music video to accompany each song. He will continue to perform around town as much as possible as well, including a performance at the legendary House of Blues (for his third time) next Friday, June 27th.

“I think it’s just the beginning out here. My draw has been better than anywhere else in the country. It’s building, and I hope to get people out to my live shows so they can see what I can do live and just keep going from there.”

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