I’ll be the first to admit that I’m spoiled rotten by my work with LA Music Blog. Not only do I have the opportunity to support the artists I admired through the site, I also get to interact with many of them in person through our weekly web series, the LA Music Blogcast.

Back in February, we featured the superbly talented local rock act Queen Caveat on the show, during which they treated us to a stunning, stripped-down rendition of the single “Breathe” off their new EP, Manufactured Happiness. After hearing the song performed at the TradioV studio, it quickly became one of my favorite singles of the year, and just last month the group released a video for the track.

The finished video does a great job of capturing the energy of a live Queen Caveat performance, and according to frontwoman Lauren Little, that was kinda the point:

“Queen Caveat has always focused on delivering high energy and dynamic live shows. For us a great show is about an experience where the band and audience are equally as involved. For years, we’ve been told our live set was way different from any video available online, so we wanted this video to capture what goes on at a Queen Caveat show. I think we did exactly that.”

Now that you’ve given the finished video a looksie, check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip Queen Caveat was kind enough to share with LA Music Blog.

Oh, and as an added bonus, go right on ahead and download a copy of “Breathe” for yourself:

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