Before last week, I’d have been the first to write off Lindsey Stirling as a novelty act, especially considering she got her start on America’s Got Talent. “Dancing dubstep violinist”? Sounds more like some high school kid’s idea of a way to piss off his classically-trained parents than an act worth sitting through for two hours, never mind paying to see.

Lindsey Stirling 1

Nearly half a billion views on YouTube and the nearly sold-out Club Nokia told a different story, and so did Lindsey’s unique performance. I loathe that word, “unique,” when used in that special-snowflake sense. I feel like we often use it to describe things that are only noteworthy for their singularity. There’s nothing inherently good about originality for its own sake. Don’t believe me? I can fart “Ode to Joy” through a harmonica because it’s never been done, but that doesn’t make it good. (This just in: Chuck from Omaha wishes us to know that farting “Ode to Joy” through a harmonica has certainly been done, and judging from the attached video he sent, quite beautifully. We apologize for the oversight, Chuck.)


Lindsey Stirling’s act is unique in the most complimentary sense of the word. She combines violin, dance, electronica, and visual effects in a way I’ve never seen before, but once the novelty wears off, the audience is left with a genuinely entertaining performance from a very talented young woman. Lindsey’s heartfelt personality and sincere gratitude for her newfound fame only endear her more to her audience. I can’t believe she didn’t win America’s Got Talent with all of that going for her, honestly. (I definitely don’t mean to disparage that show, by the way — I’ve watched a season or two here and there and seen some incredibly talented performers.)

Lindsey Stirling 2

Among other favorites, Lindsey treated the audience to her biggest YouTube hit, “Crystallize,” and the latest single from her new album, Shatter Me, the powerful “We Are Giants” featuring show opener and The Voice runner-up Dia Frampton. Lindsey’s tour continues through North America until July when she heads to Europe and spreads the violin love worldwide.


Lindsey Stirling
Dia Frampton