In the wake of the April release of Dynasty, their fourth overall release and third with Skrillex’s OWSLA record label, KOAN Sound blew the roof off the gorgeously remodeled Avalon. It’s a good thing I’ve learned to wear flat shoes and hardly any clothes to these events, because I would have ground my heels to nubs and quickly overheated after the five hours of music KOAN Sound and supporting acts Minnesota and the incredible K Theory delivered.

I’ve been to my fair share of swanky joints around this piece, and Hollywood and Vine’s historic Avalon surpasses them all so far. Huge, beautiful, and with speakers loud and abundant enough to literally make your eyelashes vibrate, Avalon was the perfect place to get sweaty to the innovative and funky KOAN Sound. By the time the headliners hit the stage at around 2 AM, the crowd had already been whipped into a bass-fueled frenzy, first by the unique electronic hip-hop sounds of San Francisco trio K Theory and then by the energetic and pounding Minnesota.

KOAN Sound treated us to two hours of some of the nastiest grooves I’ve ever experienced, and two more hours wouldn’t have been enough. I believe I’ll be losing my hearing a year or so earlier as a result of those two hours. Seriously, I vibrated like a tuning fork for a whole day afterward. Additionally, I think I’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere on Earth more suited than Avalon to the kind of brain-shaking bass that KOAN Sound has perfected. Hollywood, hit me with your best shot.

KOAN Sound wrapped up their North American tour days after their show at the Avalon. Enjoy the new EP, and keep your eyes peeled for any festival appearances that might pop up on the horizon — I guarantee they won’t turn down for long.


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