MIA Lead

British Sri-Lankin-born rapper/songwriter/director M.I.A. will be making her way to LA on May 29th to heat up the Shine Expo Hall. While her earlier music revolved heavily around the use of drum machines, she has evolved into a multi-dimensional genre-spanning artist. Pulling from influences such as Madonna, Bjork, and Timbaland, M.I.A. incorporates genres such as hip hop, electronica, alternative, and world music into creative pieces of art.

I love it when an artist can incorporate and create their music around a larger issue, and that is exactly what M.I.A. is all about. Most of her music, videos, and artwork incorporate her stand on issue such as political activism, violence, socialism, poverty, and ethnic conflict and struggles. Her music is not just something to dance around to (although it is great for that); it also provides insight into world issues.

So who’s ready to experience this firsthand?! Everyone? Awesome, ’cause we’re giving away TWO pairs of tickets to M.I.A.’s show at Shine Expo Hall in LA on May 29th.

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But if you’re feeling unlucky (like me most of the time), you can still grab your tickets!

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