Gone are the days when an album’s only bonus features were song lyrics and liner notes. Today’s tech-savvy music fans want more, and artists are eager to give it to them in the form of album apps.

In 2011, Icelandic recording artist Björk released Biophilia, the world’s first app album. Not only was this multimedia release partially composed on a tablet, it also came equipped with 10 separate apps housed within one “mother” app. Each of these mini-apps corresponded to one of the tracks on Björk’s eighth studio album and explored the intersection of music, nature, and technology.

Björk’s Biophilia won Best Recording Packaging at the 55th annual GRAMMY Awards, and artists have been working to best it ever since.

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This is another is a series of articles written by LAmb co-founder Kristin Houser in conjunction with the iQ by Intel series to explore the link between technology and music.