The fans spoke and the D listened — probably referring to the fact that while the sold-out Festival Supreme 2013 rocked balls, it kicked a little too much ass for the Santa Monica Pier.

In other words, we soaked in the comedic rock in sardine-like conditions. While it was worth the discomfort to see such musical comedy greats as Adam Sandler (he played “Piece of Shit Car”!) and Tenacious D (they played “Fuck Her Gently” and “Tribute”!), it would have been much more enjoyable in an arena suited to host the Lakers, the Clippers, the Kings, the Stars, the Aztecs, the Ice Dogs, and not one, but two Wrestlemanias.

That’s right, folks. Festival Supreme 2014 is crashing at the LA Sports Arena and Exposition Park in downtown LA on October 25th this fall, and it’s never too early to make plans this big, is it?

After last year’s event at the Santa Monica Pier, I was sure we’d never be lucky enough to see a musical comedy crew of this nature assembled again. I’ll be waiting with bated breath for the 27th when festival details and lineup will be revealed.

According to inside sources, Festival Supreme 2014 will feature a “dark carnival haunted house circus of death,” which is like the Dairy Queen ice cream cake of Halloween events, right? Methinks something spooky is in the works, and with acts like Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman, Nancy & Beth, Craig Robinson & The Nasty Delicous, and special guests The Lonely Island appearing last year, 2014 promises to be even more legendary.

Stay updated on all things Festival Supreme!