It’s been just around two months since Erika M. Anderson (AKA EMA) released her explosive sophomore album, The Future’s Void, a sprawling, futuristic, industrial-punk piece that explores the side effects of the technological age and places our now-technology-dependent society into a post-apocalyptic-like world. She now returns with a bonus song, “Drown,” that is just as heavy, disjointed, and excellent as the songs that came before it.

The hard-hitting, bleak track features distorted sound with a constantly foreboding aura. The brooding single also explores similar themes as the ones shared in the LP. “They’re obsessed with the way they look in pictures,” she sings, referencing our selfie generation. “And it haunts me too.” It seems odd she didn’t include this on her album, but I’m glad we have it now.

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