GRAMMY-nominated player of such high-profile festivals as Coachella and Ultra, mixer of such artists as Lana del Rey, and mixee of such electronic royalty as Avicii and Axwell, Adrian Lux is as big of a name as any in electronic music today. The 28-year-old Swede’s new EP, Make Out, debuts June 3rd, and I was lucky enough to give it an advanced listen over the weekend.

Adrian Lux Make Out EP

Soaring female vocals and driving beats lend moments of almost anthemic energy to the record, enough to make dancing to it for six hours realistic. It’s the moments of haunting ethereality, however — as in the EP’s first single, “Sooner or Later,” and the amusingly titled “Lauren Conrad” — that will give you that sexy, pulsating house feel you crave, while the closer, “Damaged,” goes hard enough to bring on your second wind. Goddamn, is it the weekend yet? I’m ready to get back to the club.

Adrian will be performing at Hollywood’s Exchange LA on June 6th as part of his Make Out West Summer Tour, which gives me a couple of weeks to buy tickets, find a slutty outfit, and try to perfect looking blasé and vaguely foreign. What can I say? That’s the kind of mood house music puts me in: bored but horny, and somehow un-American. Sure does feel good, though.


Adrian Lux
Exchange LA
Buy “Sooner or Later,” featuring Kaelyn Behr, on iTunes