When we last spoke with Peace frontman Harrison Koisser, he mentioned that the group’s next album was already written, so it should come as no surprise that a new track, “Money,” is already being served up to fans. Despite that advanced warning, however, I still wasn’t fully prepared for the deeper, darker, more expansive sound of the new song.

In Love was sun-drenched, psychedelic, and daze-filled, while both “Money” and its accompanying video offer up a new twist on funk and mind-altering euphoria. Secret handshakes that will blow your mind, mysterious hallways, half-lizard, half-human dancers…visual hysterics accompany the seductive bass through this mind-warping journey.

We’re still waiting for John Cusack to make a cameo during one of Peace’s performances, but for now, “Money” is more than enough to keep fans happy, and if the next album, Everything Is Ok, is anything like this track, prepare to be blown away.

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