Meet Nozinja. The larger-than-life South African is a pioneer of a pretty unique-sounding strain of dance music, one that mashes up the joyous sugar rush of rave music with a distinctly South African street dancing spirit. If you’re looking for a genre, you can call it “Shangaan Electro.” You probably won’t have heard of Nozinja yet, but you will soon if he keeps dropping songs as infectious as “Tsekeleke,” his first release through his new label, the legendary Warp Records.


Nozinja has captured the attention of producers worldwide (he can count The Knife and Hype Williams amongst his more illustrious fans), and it’s not too much of a jump to imagine him rocking the Sahara tent at Coachella in the next couple of years as a more left-field option, not to mention conquering the world of electronica in general. “Tsekeleke” is scheduled to be on a 12-inch release this year, but in the meantime, this tasty preview will have to do.

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