“So many bands! So much to see! I don’t want to miss anything!”

Does this sound like you? Is the stress from a fear of missing out at Coachella driving you mad? Don’t know who to see and who to skip? Maybe I can help.

Here’s a playlist with twenty songs from artists who I think are going to have kick-ass live shows. There’s a lot of music at Coachella (obviously), but if you’re looking for a live performance that’ll be really memorable, these twenty will get you on the right track.

Well. Maybe. Your results may vary.

01. OutKast – “So Fresh, So Clean”
WHY? Because several thousand people singing “So fresh and so clean, clean!” will be magical.

02. Heartbeats – “The Knife”
WHY? Because The Knife.

03. Broken Bells – “Holding On For Life”
WHY? Because Danger Mouse and James Mercer are positively DREAMY.

04. Chromeo – “Come Alive” (feat. Toro y Moi)
WHY? Because you’re a human being with a heartbeat.

05. AFI – “Girl’s Not Grey”
WHY? Because your inner teenager still isn’t over Davey Havok.

06. Martin Garrix – “Animals”
WHY? Because people are going to lose their fucking shit to this.

07. Nas – “Nas is Like”
WHY? Because you’re legitimately concerned about the current and future state of hip hop.

08. Chance the Rapper – “Cocoa Butter Kisses”
WHY? Because you’re legitimately concerned about the current and future state of hip hop.

09. Lorde – “Royals”
WHY? Because as much as you tell people you hate this song…you love this song.

10. Sleigh Bells – “Infinity Guitars”
WHY? Because your ability to hear is overrated anyway.

11. Pharrell Williams – “Happy”
WHY? Because you’re feeling like a room without a roof. Also, maybe Daft Punk’ll show up.

12. The Internet – “Sunset”
WHY? Because Odd Future isn’t just about fucking up everything.

13. Disclosure – “When a Fire Starts to Burn”
WHY? Because every song they make is perfect.

14. Muse – “Time is Running Out”
WHY? Because there is no live band that is as epic as Muse.

15. Arcade Fire – “Reflektor”
WHY? …Well, except maybe Arcade Fire.

16. Empire of the Sun – “Alive”
WHY? Because you like your rock stars in sequins.

17. Classixx – “All You’re Waiting For”
WHY? Because disco can never die. NEVER.

18. Fatboy Slim – “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat”
WHY? Because everyone should know how much fun drugs are.

19. HeadHunterz – “Dragonborn”
WHY? Because the Melbourne shuffle is not a dance, but a way of life.

20. The 1975 – “Chocolate”
WHY? Because this is the only way you can figure out what the hell the lead singer is saying.