The Three of Clubs Tour. Three fantastic bands in a single night. I chatted with Matt Lecowicz from Little Daylight a few weeks ago. Christine interviewed Flagship. Terraplane Sun played a live (acoustic!) set on the LA Music Blogcast months ago. This tour is hardly unfamiliar territory. Nor is The Troubadour.

Flagship opened to a crowd of youthful adults milling around, clutching beers, and commenting on their experiences at Coachella last weekend. “OMG did you see the Arcade Fire? What about Flume? OMG Lorde literally changed my life. We camped and omg it was SO dusty. Ew.” Los Angeles… Please, never change.

Soon after Flagship’s set ended, the already-crowded floor of The Troubadour got a little tighter — a little bit less “please and excuse me” and a little bit more “bump and pushy.” The people wanted to see Little Daylight. Hell, I wanted to see Little Daylight. I stood a little left of center, rubbing shoulders with a group of surprisingly happy drunk dudes and a young couple that was so in love, their faces were fused together at the lips. I was legitimately concerned for their safety.

LittleDaylightTroubadour (4)

Little Daylight played all the songs off their last EP, including the popular “Overdose.” They stayed away from the remixes, however, which is something I was grateful for. Their original music is much stronger, in my opinion, and people were feeling it. Heads nodded, shoulders bounced, and smiles were everywhere. The Troubadour didn’t turn into a swirling maelstrom of non-stop dancing energy, and it shouldn’t have. They rocked. Better than that, they were approachable. That’s the upside of small shows like this. Nikki took time to ask fans to stick around and hang out after the show. It was a nice gesture.

A few weeks back, I had a conversation with Matt Leckowicz about the type of music little Daylight wanted to make. He said they “want you to be having a good time, but we don’t want you to be feeling like it’s a ‘stupid’ good time.” Their set at The Troubadour never felt like anything approaching stupid. They could probably afford to be more stupid, actually, depending on what type of show they want to deliver. DJ sets are a different thing all together, for instance.

My verdict? If you like your indie rock synthesized and catchy, I’d suggest checking out Little Daylight. Fans of Chrvches in particular might find their brand of indie rock palatable. When heard live, Little Daylight feels like a real band and sounds more like a traditional rock group, which, honestly, is something I’m not tired of yet.

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