I have never been so happy to have someone call me a “rich fuck.”

Obviously, I’m not rich. I’m writer for chrissakes — dinner tonight is Ramen with a side of broken dreams. All the same, though, it made me happy, because even though Jimmy Urine slung insults and prodded the audience all night, we loved every minute of it.

Mindless Self Indulgence finished their tour with a show presented by LA Music Blog at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard before heading out on a hiatus. If you’ve never heard of MSI, they’re basically a punk rock band with electronic influences, but even that is selling them short. Their sound plays with genre whenever they feel like it serves them. Hip hop, techno, drum & bass…nothing is safe.

Their fans are a little strange, too. Not because they came to the show with hair spiked a foot out and dyed orange. That’s just normal punk stuff. What makes them strange is that despite being chastised and prodded for most of the night, their love for the band isn’t diminished. Even if they call each other assholes. It’s a fucked love, but eh, what love isn’t a little fucked?

What makes Mindless Self Indulgence weird is that their music makes heavy use of electronic genres. For that reason, it’s easy enough to just dance like you would to techno or drum n bass. That’s one of the reasons MSI is a standout group. Skinny Puppy were the harbingers of the whole industrial-tech-punk “thing,” but MSI have been championing their own special brand of electro-punk since ’97. That collision between punk rock and many of the darker elements of electronic music made me like them, but it’s the irreverence and personality that made me fall in love. It doesn’t hurt that they’re a pretty damn good band, too.


They churned the audience into a frenzy. The pit of the HOB was simmering. Every so often an over-energetic fan would pop out and float along the top of the crowd like a foam until they were deposited at the front of the stage (and swiftly swept off by security). It never really matured into a full on mosh pit, but there was definitely some circular movement and plenty of jumping. You might think with all of the bright liberty spikes and general punk rockishness of the crowd that it would become a full-ahead punk show, but it didn’t. At least not completely.

Then there’s the attitude. Jesus. Over the course of the night, this shit happened:

– Talk about Coldplay and Imagine Dragons (they have douchey voices).
– “You’ve got to go ahead with the classics, like AIDS. None of that HPV shit.” (I don’t even remember what this was in reference to.)
– A girl in a Pikachu onesie had water poured on her by Jimmy (she loved it).

Poor Pikachu

It was crass and vulgar and really, really entertaining. As someone who’s never seen Mindless Self Indulgence before Tuesday night, it was a little bit sad to see them go on hiatus. They’ve been making music for nearly twenty years. Even though MSI never found themselves within the realm of superstars, they’ve always stayed true to making the kind of music they wanted to make.

Thank god. Until we meet again, MSI.

Mindless Self Indulgence Setlist:
It Gets Worse
Shut Me Up
Stupid MF
Backmask (Steve’s choice)
Fuck Machine
Clarissa (Jimmy’s Choice)
Never Wanted To Dance
Stalkers (Slit My Wrists)
Evening Wear
Capitol P (Kitty’s choice)
Ala Mode
Dicks Are for My Friends
Cocaine and Toupees (Lyn-Z’s choice)
Planet of the Apes
Jack You Up
Bitches (Crowd’s choice)

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