Have you ever lay awake at night, tossing and turning, wondering which musician you relate to the most? (Well, you are at least thinking about it now, aren’t you?) Good news! I’m here to help you answer this important philosophical question with this list, which will pair you up with your musical spirit animal. You are welcome.

1. Morrissey


God, you are one moody individual. You are extremely passionate and steadfast regarding your beliefs, whether they be equality, veganism, or anything in between. You also love to have your voice heard — heck, you even love the sound of your own voice — but fortunately your talent stands for itself. If people don’t like you, well, screw them. Show them what you are made of.

2. Stevie Nicks

Portrait Of Stevie Nicks

You are a true goddess. Very few people are as talented, beautiful, and overall amazing as you. I mean, Stevie was able to write “Landslide” when she was in her mid-20s and perform the moving lines, “Time makes you bolder / even children get older / and I’m getting older, too,” just as sincerely as someone in their 60s. You are wise beyond your years (even if you happen to make a few mistakes along the way).

Oh, and you can do one mean twirl.

3. Kanye West


You give people a really visceral reaction — they either love you or hate you — however, you are here to stay. You may come off as an asshole, but deep down you are caring and supremely talented. Just try to lay off the Kardashians, okay?

4. Beyonce


Bow down, bitches. Queen Bey is in the house. If you could be described in one word, it would be FABULOUS. You not only entertain, you like to spread messages of equality and empowerment. You are admired, for sure. I mean, hey, you made the cover of Time Magazine’s most influential people edition.

5. Stuart Murdoch


Just like the king of twee, you seem utterly jubilant and quite whimsical on the surface, but are kinda bitter on the inside. Jaded, even, but in that way you are a bit of a trickster. You make others listen and think with your many emotional layers, ranging from happiness to despair. You are spiritual, and religion is now part of your life, but it doesn’t define you. People adore you, probably because you are one of the most charming people around.

6. Britney Spears


It’s Britney, bitch. You are one perky little chameleon. For years you have lit up the room with your bubbly personality and grandeur. You have serious name recognition, and while your work can be a bit formulaic, you always make people smile. Now it’s time to go to an exotic pet store and pick you up a snake. You deserve it.

7. Pete Townshend


You are a powerhouse. Calling The Who member profound is an understatement. You are beloved and extremely influential. Like Townshend, who is big into charity work, you are into helping other people, and although Townshend is admittedly “a little self-righteous,” he is also self-aware and totally awesome.

8. M.I.A


Your motto is “live fast, die young / bad girls do it well.” You aren’t afraid to voice your opinion or show off your sexual side. You are brilliant and deliver great social and political commentary, but also are able to have fun. You are the definition of a Bad Bitch.

9. David Bowie


God, you are cool. Coolness seeps from your pores. You are kooky cool. You are giftedly cool. You are like the infamous Bowie, and everyone is obsessed. How cool are you? This is how cool you are:

I mean, that was a bit dickish and arrogant, but still cool as hell.

10. Ozzy Osbourne


You are freaking batshit crazy. What are you even doing with your life? Living on the edge, I suppose. You are a total freak, and you love it, but you are also revolutionary and rather brilliant. I mean, Ozzy helped create Black Sabbath, one of the most influential metal bands of all time. That makes you a truly remarkable character.