When a friend told me to check out The Fontaines, I was a little nervous at the fact they are a brother-sister combo. I thought, “This is 2014. We don’t need a goddam Donny and Marie,” but this duo definitely ain’t The Osmonds.

The Fontaines are Hank and Charlotte Fontaine. The LA natives don’t really play on the whole brother-sister thing, even though they are blood related. What the family connection does give them is a real and honest chemistry that allows their artistry and musicianship to shine through.

Their single “Don’t Call Me (Blue Eyed Baby)” is available on their Soundcloud page for free until April 21st, and it is also up on iTunes. The track musically references classic ’60s soul, rock, and pop, showing off the duo’s true gift for melody and songwriting. Check it out below!

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