Last time we heard from the veteran experimental rockers Swans was on 2012’s The Seer, a two-hour behemoth that was also one of the decade’s most overwhelming and ambitious albums so far. If you haven’t given that a listen, you should know it comes with the highest recommendation, albeit with the caveat that it is a difficult thing to swallow whole. Judging by the new songs previewed so far, Michael Gira’s band is not even considering easing off on the intensity level.


“Oxygen” is the latest track to be previewed from Swans’ forthcoming album, To Be Kind, and it is a pummeling eight minutes of music that should give you some idea of what to expect from the new record (which is apparently another two-hour epic). To Be Kind will be released through Gira’s own Young God Records on May 12th and will be accompanied by a US tour that has yet to include a Los Angeles date. Watch this space on that front. You can listen to “Oxygen” below.

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