Starting tonight, garage punk-meets-New Wave quartet Black Hi-Lighter will be taking up residency at the Belasco Ballroom downtown. The ‘Black Hi-Lighter Affair’ as they’ve termed it (see what they did there? Black Tie, Black Hi. Cheeky monkeys.), is an ongoing series of events at the downtown LA building leading up to the release of the group’s as-yet-untitled sophomore LP, which is slated for a June debut.

The Highland Park-based band comprises an eclectic array of personalities that all share one thing in common: they don’t give a f*ck. With a GRAMMY-award winning guitarist and a media-savvy political pundit frontman, this up-and-coming band plans on doing things their way. Their recent signing to artist-first label Phaedra Records is certainly evidence of that fact, and when I spoke to the band earlier this year, they had two things on their agenda: 1) Put the spectacle back in rock and roll, and 2) Take over Los Angeles.

Black Hi Lighter Flyer

With a recent move that devotes more of frontman James Poulos’ attention at live shows to the mic rather than his guitar, spectacle should be in no short order this evening. We’ll just have to leave that whole “taking over LA” thing for the fans to decide. Tickets for tonight’s show are still available.

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