As expected, my ongoing list of artists I need to check out tripled in length after I read Twila and Tim’s coverage of this year’s SXSW. With so many performers from across the globe packed into one city, I had no doubt my two fellow LAmb writers would find some previously undiscovered talent. What I didn’t expect was that one of the highlights of that list of highlights would be an LA local: Lawrence Rothman.

After reading Tim’s description of Rothman, I knew I had to move him to the top of my “Must Hear Now” list: “[He] takes the rock/gospel undertones of Johnny Cash and combines them with synth-heavy electronica melodies. All of this framed by his intensely unique baritone vocals.” Tim also called Rothman “one of [his] breakout artists of the week.”

No faint praise, and the timing of this discovery couldn’t be more perfect as Rothman is set to perform a FREE month-long residency at The Bootleg Theatre in April. And guess what? LA Music Blog is presenting the second date, April 14th, with support from Pr0files, Night Cruise, and LAmb favorites Haunted Summer!

Each Monday in April you can catch this minimal R&B house producer at the Bootleg, and in keeping with his thought-provoking, Floria Sigismondi-directed music videos, Rothman will be embodying a wholly different character for each performance. Who knows who will show up on stage on the 14th, but I know who will be in the audience: me! Hope to see you there!


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