Think two weekends of Coachella is a big deal? How about one festival happening at the same time on two coasts? That’s what the Budweiser Made in America festival has planned for this summer. Los Angeles and Philadelphia — can you even handle it?

Budweiser Made in America is a two-day festival that began in Philadelphia in 2012 with proceeds benefitting the United Way of Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, as well as the United Way of Lancaster County. The festival has greater ambitions, however, because it will be adding a Los Angeles arm this Labor Day.

Cultural ambassador and all around god-like figure Jay Z, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, and Live Nation have joined forces to bring the festival to downtown’s Grand Park for Labor Day 2014. That means Jay Z is headlining, right? Lineup details have yet to be released, but Budweiser’s reps note that the festival will reflect Los Angeles.

The Philadelphia festival and the Los Angeles version will be taking place simultaneously on Labor Day weekend with performances from both available to livestream. Proceeds from the Los Angeles festival will benefit the United Way of Greater Los Angeles. Two-day early bird tickets for Philadelphia are $99.50 and Los Angeles’ are $125. Tickets are on sale via Live Nation.

Obviously some downtown residents are apprehensive about the additional traffic, booze, and noise the festival will bring, but much like the honey badger, Shawn “Jay Z” Carter don’t care. I kid, I kid. He probably cares, like, a little. Let there be music! Downtown already has FYF. Can it handle Budweiser Made in America festival? Weigh in below.

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