Brooklyn-based band American Authors broke into the 2013 music scene with a vengeance with their uplifting, unforgettably catchy premiere track “Best Day of My Life.” The song powerfully launched them into the airwaves, commercials, and the hearts of thousands of new fans. The music video for the song was watched by millions within a few months, and without skipping a beat, the band is onto their next single.

American Authors 1

“Believer” is equally radio friendly and just as likely to burrow its way into your head and heart. The NY-natives filmed the video for the track in our backyard, and LA Music Blog was given the opportunity to be a fly on the wall during the shoot, and we took some photos to give you a preview of what to expect!

American Authors 2

In a shed, in a junkyard, in the middle of nowhere, or maybe it was just Gardena (but it felt like the middle of nowhere), the sun set to the production team working tirelessly to get lighting set up and film rolling. The band played take after take of “Believer,” and if I’m not sick of the song after hearing it dozens of times in four hours, you won’t be after leaving it on repeat in your car for a month or two.

American Authors 3

The performance was earth-shattering, literally. This was the night of the La Habra earthquake, and though I thought I was just shivering during the quake itself, the people balancing lights on ladders didn’t move a muscle and the band didn’t miss a note. I’ve been on many, many session shoots where a band has to play a song twice for filming purposes, and even that quickly I’ve seen tempers flair and patience tested, but on the 20th or so take of “Believers,” American Authors kept it together like it was the first take.

American Authors 4

American Authors may be newcomers in name, but as musicians, each member’s demeanor and composure is well-developed and — luckily for me and everyone else they meet — balanced with a lighthearted, kind manner that will ensure them long careers. We can’t wait to see the new video!

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