In between awesome live shows and releasing one of my favorite albums of the year, Aesop Rock had quite a 2012. Since then, he hasn’t really slowed down, releasing the bizarre Uncluded album Hokey Fright (an album-length collaboration with Kimya Dawson), and now he has dropped another little surprise for his diehard fans with a kind-of new album.


In a press release that is very much keeping in tone with Aesop Rock’s brilliantly twisted sense of humor, The Blob is described as “a 32-minute, continuous mix of beats and sound that have been orphaned by their hell-bound father.” The excellent Rhymesayers label made the announcement and has posted the album for download on Soundcloud. Depending on your internet speed, you might just have time to watch the video for “Zero Dark Thirty” below while you’re waiting for the download to arrive on your laptop.

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