I just spent two weeks in Cleveland. It snowed yesterday morning as I left town. It’s safe to say, then, that I’m thrilled to be home in LA and ready to throw myself back into the scene before I forget that there are bars that don’t play country music. (Sorry, Northeast Ohio, but I got my fill. Remind me to visit again when the weather’s nicer.)

Trails and Ways, a pleasingly synthesizer-heavy cooperative indie band out of Oakland, is the best kind of medicine for what ails me. Modern yet inspired, Trails and Ways’ ethereal pop-ness makes me feel comfortably like a citizen of a West Coast metropolis.

Listen to “Tereza,” a pensive, ’80s-esque jam with a video that I can’t seem to stop watching, and no wonder. Whales! Elephants! Disaster! Three of my favorite things.

Prefer a dude singing rather than a chick? No worries. Trails And Ways offer a bit of both. To wit, the irresistibly catchy “Nunca.”

Trails and Ways play their way through Northern California before appearing with Cheers Elephant and the zoo-rocking So Many Wizards on May 9th at The Bootleg Bar, presented by your very own LA Music Blog. By then I’m sure I’ll be back on my LA game, but I think I’ll take in the show just in case. Want to join me? Enter to win one of the two pairs of tickets we’re giving away!


Trails And Ways
The Bootleg Bar