Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco, the men behind Los Angeles-based duo De Lux, may be young, but they are no strangers to the music world. Sean has been writing songs since he was 15 and has spent recent years recording and re-recording his own songs, while Isaac has exploring classic and obscure disco and boogie music since he was 15 as well. The two met while skateboarding and were actually in another band together before splitting off on their own.

De Lux’s unique dance-meets-punk sound also incorporates funky disco vibes to result in great booty-shaking tracks. You can catch them live for their record release show for their debut album, Voyage (out 4/8 via Innovative Leisure), at The Echo next Thursday, April 10th, with Rare Times, Earth Like Planets, and Cosmic Kids. Grab your tickets now and be sure to check out Voyage next week!

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