I stumbled upon the wickedly fun Coathangers during their support slot for Guitar Wolf at the Satellite in October and vowed to pay attention to what they would get into next. The trio, formerly a quartet, is now prepping for the release of their wonderfully titled new album Suck My Shirt, out Tuesday, March 18th. Expect a review of that album next week, but for now, you can watch the video for the album’s opening track and lead single “Follow Me.”

The eagle-eyed amongst you might notice that the performers in the video are not the ladies of The Coathangers, but are in fact the members of fellow Atlanta band Mastodon, who apparently like to spend their time between recording great albums mucking around and doing cool things that make you wish you were them.

Once you’ve got over that little blast of ridiculousness (well, it does feature an accordion-playing horse), you might want to bear in mind that The Coathangers will be supporting The Black Lips next Friday, March 21st, at El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. That show promises to be an awful lot of fun, and tickets are available for purchase, but you can also try winning a pair through our ticket giveaway. Meanwhile, the album is available for pre-order.

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